A Special Evening Speaking with Phineas Quimby

Series Topic: The Nature of Manifestation

*Please note ~This is NOT the Circle of Light with personal messages. 


Psychic Medium Riz Channels philosopher Phineas Quimby from 1800’s.

Riz Mirza is considered one of the top trance channels of our current generation following in the footsteps of master channels, Edgar Cayce, Esther Hicks, Alex Murray and more.

He has been said to be the 'closest thing to trance channel Jane Roberts', from a former student of Jane and now is a director of a prestigious Malibu addiction center--who regularly visited the well-known channel in the 1960's in upstate New York. Riz’s main message bearer/gatekeeper is Chief Red Eagle (1781-1824), but he has many regular spirit guide speakers with Phineas Quimby being one of the most frequent. (1802-1866)

He has channeled Phineas in front of live gatherings for hours at a time giving personal messages and enlightening circle-goers for over a decade. To hear Phineas speak go here, to read his channeled messages go here. To learn of Phineas when he was in the physical, go here

When in history, do you get the opportunity to speak with a reputable figure in history who has left our physical plane through an authority in trance channeling? Channeling is transmission between dimensions, and Riz Mirza is the master of this technology with hundreds of thousands of hours of live channeling internationally.

* Be aware this is a new format and is not the Circle of Light where you get personal questions answered about your private life. The questions and answers are only in Manifesting construction.

About New Thought Leader Phineas Quimby

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby , was an American spiritual teacher, philosopher, mesmerist, healer, and inventor. Quimby is widely recognized as being the main founder and leader of the New Thought movement. The essence of the movement was rooted in the interpretation of Quimby's teachings and he is often referred to as the intellectual 'father of New Thought'. Phineas was born in the small town of Lebanon, New Hampshire. He was one of seven children and the son of a blacksmith.


As a youth, Quimby received little formal education. He also suffered greatly from 'consumption' as a youth and the medication he was prescribed by his doctor made him worse. Quimby began experimenting with his own ideas for a cure. He soon became interested in the mind's ability to affect the body.

The Evening

An invitation-only event



A brand-new private event, hosted by psychic medium Riz Mirza & his wife Oracle Oriah.


The Nature of Manifestation 

What Happens:

A small intimate group of 20 will gather in a private residence and in a special one-of-a-kind salon-style evening. Teachers, healers, students, metaphysicians and the like are encouraged to listen, learn and ask questions from Phineas Quimby himself.

How it Works:

You purchase your ticket (s). You arrive on time, and you be added to a private mailing list for invite-only future salons.  

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: The Mind Can Heal the Body

Science, religion, and medicine have intermingled (and sometimes clashed) in fascinating ways throughout the course of human history. And one little-remembered, controversial American figure symbolizes this clash better than most: Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, whose writings, unpublished during his time, provided the underpinnings for the New Thought movement, which is based on the idea that the spirit is more powerful and real than matter and the mind has the ability to heal the body.

So, essentially, Quimby listened to patients explain their ailments, and if there was a mental source contributing to their disease — say, anxiety — Quimby would then diagnose and explain that phenomenon in a way the patient could understand. He called these diagnoses "the truth." His research delved into metaphysics, underscoring how the body was just a vessel for the five senses and the faculties of the human mind, according to Newman.

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Speak with Phineas Quimby Series #2

June 17th @8pm

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About Riz

Many people ask Riz how he became a Trance Channel and Psychic Medium. They want to know if he was born with his ‘abilities’, did he study, did he have a mentor? Many have questions about what exactly is Trance Channeling, plus many more questions about the nature of our work, the Channeling Circles itself, and the Psychic Medium phenomenon.


Here are the answers to those questions. (Continue reading)

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