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Press Release

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Press Release: "Rise of the Mystics: Riz & Oriah Mirza Ignite YouTube with 3 Meta Mystic Podcasts!"

Psychic Power Blazes YouTube! Forget scripted psychic drama, Hosts Riz & Oriah, shaman power couple, ignite 3 Meta Mystic Podcasts on YouTube. Their mind-bending wisdom & charisma spark an online spiritual revolution!

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Riz & Oriah: Unveiling the Unseen

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The world of META MYSTIC PODCASTS Created by Hosts Riz & Oriah Produced by Red Eagle Universal Inc


RIZ MIRZA ‘RIZ THE WIZ’ and ORIAH MIRZA 'Lady O' are a husband and wife team. Shamans, psychics, healers, authors, speakers and content creators.




PSYCHIC COUPLE REACTS with your hosts Riz & Oriah


PSYCHIC COUPLE REACTS-A new podcast show where couple Riz & Oriah try to explain the unexplainable! Riz, a Psychic medium & Trance Channel and Oriah, an Intuitive Empath with decades-long experience in the spiritual, supernatural and metaphysical realms bring their expertise and experience to the paranormal phenomenon on this new exciting show! Each episode they will react to a paranormal TV show or content to try to explain or deconstruct the spirit phenomena happening.


LIVE PSYCHIC SUNDAYS-Join Riz the Wiz & Lady O Sunday nights at 7 pm PST for a fun psychic/metaphysical/paranormal show and psychic readings via chat on Live!


MIDNIGHT MADNESS PODCAST-Join our midweek pre-recorded podcast where Oriah asks Spirit Guides questions on various topics while Riz is trance channeling.


—-------- HISTORY-For over 15 years, Riz’s weekly live and in-person channeled event, the Circle of Light, has helped humanity answer every type of human concern. From individuals who want to explore their spiritual path to individuals who are experiencing extreme trauma and pain in their life come to the Circle of Light to receive wisdom, support, and clarity about their soul path, their situation, and most importantly how to surrender to their Higher Selves, and their highest potential. A one-of-a-kind event.


We are primarily an educational resource for spirituality and enlightenment. We have over a decade of channeled material in various formats, from paid learning modules to free video content, to many in-person and live-streamed events from our public channeling Circle of Light in Santa Monica, Live trance channeling interviews with Spirit Guides, to channeled books, guest podcast interviews, three Meta Mystic Podcast on Youtube and so much more.


The foundation of our work is based on the wisdom teachings of the Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides that Riz channels. He has channeled a long list of Spirit Guides and is considered a Master Channel. We offer Sacred Earth Retreats more than 5 times a year we take groups of between 8-25 people to Sacred Sites around the world where Riz channels on Sacred Grounds/Sacred Vortexes. ________


RIZ MIRZA ‘RIZ THE WIZ’-Riz Mirza has been trance-channeling numerous spirit guides who have helped heal and uplift thousands of people in over 2500 live full-trance channeled, weekly gatherings called the Circle of Light, with over 8,000 hrs of documented and recorded sessions to large groups. ​ Riz is one of the only​ ​psychic medium​/full trance channel/shamans that is known to channel publicly ​to live gatherings and online groups and give personal individual​ messages to each person regarding their soul path and answering their personal questions while in trance through various Spirit Guides or to channel publicly over 5 straight hours in trance. He is considered a Master Trance Channel. He is a musician and artist. Born in Harlem, and raised in the Bronx and NYC. ​


ORIAH MIRZA ‘LADY O’-​Oriah Mirza is a host, podcaster, author, speaker, shaman and trauma life coach, entrepreneur. An alien experiencer, intuitive empath, and futurist Oriah gives humanity hope in understanding the conscious evolution on the planet. Married to renowned and top full trance channel and psychic medium Riz Mirza. Oriah has spoken around the world in Women's Leadership conferences, workshops, group retreats, and one-on-one private sessions for over a decade. She considers herself an intuitive empath and futurist. Oriah is a mom of five children, a passionate food & health advocate and is a native of Los Angeles, CA.

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Executive Assistant Erika Merriweather

Founder/ Manager Oriah Mirza


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