“The Eternal Union”

a channeled message from Millard Fillmore

from Trance Channel Psychic Medium

Riz Mirza

August 2, 2019

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My name is Millard Fillmore. Under the grace of the Almighty, God of all things, I share with  you some notes from my cosmic journey. All are created equal indeed. And the everlasting community of souls move forward together on a path to freedom enriched by an innate calling of a deeply held yearning for love and fulfillment as it is expressed and experienced through The Great Surrender. 

As a man I entrusted many who shared my political quest to eradicate indecency or immoral, corrupt governing and I soon discovered not only my own ignorances in my personal beliefs but if one is to play in pools of mud one shall stain ones garments. After touching this truth of political life and its machinations I was deeply saddened ye emotionally crushed by this catastrophic realization which sent me into a secret meditative depression. All of my inspiring beliefs and ruminations on the future of our country came crashing down with a fear that I myself may be contributing to its downfall through my own machinations in order to achieve a more perfect union. Ignorant to the true spirit of those words as I was. To achieve a more perfect union, all sides must surrender to Union. Of this there is no question. The process of this surrender requires  great strength and love and perhaps an exhaustion of all other possibilities. To change ones own beliefs is far greater than to challenge anothers. The greatest challenge to our rigidity and indeed some would rather die, as I have seen with my own eyes in my life and now on this side of physical reality. 

No-one can come to peace without some profound disarming within and without. To be fit to hold any position of relevance to the masses there not only must be a deep rooted strength of an oak but one must spread their  wings in truth as a butterfly dances and floats in the morning suns divine rays of light. One must be charmed and delighted to serve for they are feeling the caress of the great mothering Source of us All. As the war of north and south ravaged minds and bodies, as slavery questioned our beliefs and became the focal point of financial and moral integrity, both sides wanted to retain their ideas of commerce and hierarchy and their own ideas of “good for all.” 

I agree that no human should be enslaved to another for quite frankly enslavement to our own conflicting inner beliefs surely lead to inner madness and that is enough trouble on its own. The bonds of Friendship must surely be the essence of heavenly life wherever souls decide to live together. 

In an effort to conserve and control resources wars and the countless debilitating effects of war isolate and deplete those very resources. Those are the resources of a nourished and peaceful human community in harmony with natures treasure of the bountiful planet Earth. This damage takes generations to recover from. No longer a society of uniformity the great multiculturalism of your country  is its strength and of a world discovering Oneness, struggling to achieve Unity without losing the exciting and joyous individualism of All. I support you in these endeavors from where I and others Are. I do not sit upon a throne of higher value or authority but rather a deeper connection to and  brotherhood with all of you and your hearts desires for a peaceful prosperous productive and powerful life.

 Do not fear those differ from you in any way, do not seek to destroy them in any way. In their deepest hearts they live as you do, wanting to be what they want to be. As these wants are expressed through their actions you will find new clarity as a greater awareness dawns on you. A clear commitment to creation, collaboration and the ability to share and cherish innovation to provide a better life for all on the planet 

It will be through the eyes of the children that you will regain full connection to your higher consciousness your higher selves your oneness with each other and the eternal loving source that permeates manifests and energizes you at any time with your surrender. Love as your God.

When you have grown so tired of wars within you and outside of you this great embrace shall radiate throughout All. Everywhere. Forever. Know that I am with you in the rippling winds and waves of  the eternal ocean breeze which i loved so dearly as a man now as one with you all in Spirit. This is the Eternal Union.

I thank you for this opportunity.

Your friend, Millard.