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Wisdom Teachers
Psychic Riz Mirza and Oracle Oriah Presents

The Way of the Seer


A Training Experience for New and Advanced Seers who are Massively Changing Their Lives and The Lives of the People Around them Through Understanding Flow, Creating with Frequencies, Re-Programming and Learning to Read Energy During these Unprecedented Times. You can learn to attract and manifest the life you want!

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After a decade of serving the public, we have brought almost all of our services online. Nothing will stop us from reaching you and helping as many people as we can. More than ever people need comfort, answers, guidance, and just support. We are professional Shaman Wisdom Teachers &  Healers and we are excited to bring you our 9-week wisdom course. 

Do not be afraid and definitely discover more about yourself than you ever had before.
You will be set free from your limiting beliefs and programs!

A popular course created during LOCKDOWN IN 2020.


Since the beginning of the Lock Down people have been forced to go within. For the first time in history, a global lockdown has created more people engaging and asking questions about their realities than ever before. Many people have ‘awakened’ to their highest freedoms, and their most powerful centers which is the Love vibration. Others have surrendered to their path as a Seer, a healer or speaker. 



Through the middle of all the thousands of unveilings of truth and breaking news, there is a current...a frequency. It is running through every movement of our conscious planet. It is in nature, and in all beings. There is a powerful surge of information, downloads and expressions that are coming to the surface. As many navigate through their pain and anger, there are others releasing it for the first time in their lives.



Many are starting to share their wisdom and all of it is a current, a frequency of truth that is derived from the highest Intelligent frequencies….the God Frequency. It is called many things, but once you discover it you will see it has been here since the first quantum particle. That is because everything is Intelligent Creation, and the Highest Form of Creation is derived from a loving energy. If you believe anything other than that, Love is not your God. 



This is a hard pill to swallow for most since this season is the time where people are seeing more, and there is more exposure to the deepest, darkest secrets in all systems on this planet. People do not want to say it is love because they feel they are turning a blind eye, but if you were to follow the flow of energy from one flame of love being lit in one person to another, you will see an uprising of love and consciousness at levels never before imagined. This is the opportunity for you to rise into this Universal Language of Love. You do not need to choose sides and decide who is in the Light or Dark, but you could see that you cannot have the one without the other, you will see how you can rise into your True Self, which is One with All things. How else can you Heal the World, without being compassionate, educated, and supportive? 



If you are divisive, take sides and take up arms you will continue the tension and resistance to evolution. Instead of flow, there is matching frequencies of violence and fear. This is what we are trying to help everyone move away from. We are inviting you to our 9-week course. Your completion course. You are completing your cycles of fear and anger, your cycles of victimization, and sadness. You will enter into a world of gratitude and love, authentic expression and freedom and caring and nurturing of yourself and others. You will become who you came here to be, you will feel uplifted and learn how to share your wisdom with others.




Learn how to communicate in a non-dualistic approach. Be trained in the finer art of self-examination without suffering, step away from mediocrity and become the Enlightened Being you know you are. If you are already a healer, learn how to articulate and clear your path to more abundance and resources within you to create a bigger foundation for people to lean on you. Learn how to become the epicenter of love and support for others without being drained. Learn to read energy at a master level by learning how to listen and expand without self-judgment. 



This is the beginning of a new life for you. If you would like someone to join this 9 weeks packed training, you can gift them the course or send them an invitation. From our house, the House of Love, The House of Higher Transmissions and Magic….we invite you to really have it all and rest your weary soul. Be enlivened and rejuvenated. 


See you in class!


Riz & Oriah

Wisdom Keepers

Master PsychicMedium/ Trance Channel

a $500 value


9 weeks

The number 9 considered a complete, perfected and divine number because it represents the end of a cycle in the decimal system, which originated from the Indian subcontinent as early as 3000 BC. It is also the end of a cycle of pregnancy. It symbolizes completion. 

Your Training Course

Week 1

How to Navigate the Awakening/Ascension Process. Remedy for a broken heart, remove depression and begin to find a clean slate within. A Homework assignment starts you off by Oriah.

Week 2

What is a seer? By Riz Mirza.

Week 3

How to completely remove fear and anger from yourself and your life with others. How to change your perspective in all areas, learn the art of letting go. Understanding relationships. 

Week 4 

How to speak peacefully to yourself and others and still be in your power. How to understand negative and dark energies and emotions. How to find stillness in the mind and the being. By Oracle Oriah

Week 5

How to untangle family and ancestral trauma. How to change your entire life without disturbing the peace at home. How to remove mental perceived blocks and repair damaged or fried nerves. How to find peace overall. By Riz Mirza

Week 6

Unlocking your creative power. Discover how the powerful healing effects of creativity and expression can reverse time. Learn how time can work for you, and tap into your eternal self so you can slow down and unwind your tension. By Oracle Oriah

Week 7

Learning the basics and review how to breathe, connect with your higher consciousness and your guides. By Riz Mirza 

Week 8

Understanding what non-duality, oneness and non-seperatisim looks like and feels like when you surrender to Oneness. Learn how to find equality and oneness in everything. By Oracle Oriah

Week 9

Learn how to trust yourself and your environment. Be your most carefree and independent spiritual self without losing your grounding and desires for balanced human experiences. Learning to fully let go and trust. By Riz Mirza

You Will Receive

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Spirit Guide Sessions

Trance Channeled


Exclusive Video Training

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