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Channeled Aliens

Written by Oriah Mirza, Oracle Oriah


Psychic Medium Riz Mirza has been channeling Spirit guides and aliens for over a decade. But what are the differences? They are both extraterrestrial. They both reside in a different dimensions. So how can you tell the difference between the two?


Are they even different at all? Well in my experience in participating in the channeling circles (Circle of Light) on a public and on a private level I have witnessed thousands of hours of Trance channeling by my husband Riz. I have watched thousands of people speak to these guides for years and I have spent all of this time understanding it for myself. And as his wife, I will tell you I am more unbiased than you think. I have spent many years in my own Journey coming out of religion, not believing in anything for a while, then being blown away by what I was seeing and witnessing with Riz. 


I have done a lot of mathematics, and I've also had my own personal experience with aliens. But, from what I gather; some alien groups call themselves by a particular name. The only main alien group that has ever spoken through my husband-- they called themselves “The Friends”. All of the other guides that come through Riz, they speak on more personal matters with individuals and they refer to themselves by the given name that they had when they were alive here on planet Earth. 


From what I understand “The Friends” may not have had a human experience. And their behavior and their communication style is different from the more human guides. That is how I can tell the difference besides by their name. But in thinking about it and looking back it all seems so similar. Because I believe that guides have the same infrastructure and identification of an alien. 


And aliens are guides, especially the benevolent ones. They are all highly intelligent life-forms, they all reside in different dimensions, and they all have different roles and they have different duties that they perform. They all have a different experience with the human race. That is my experience with them. So far, as I have gone further into the alien experience, I have noticed UFO and alien experts don't seem to be as interested in channelers channeling aliens in real time. 

I have always found this extremely shocking and somewhat disturbing since who wouldn't want to speak to an alien directly in real time in the present moment--right now? The alien hunters seem to want only the physical evidence, and the physical alien body standing in front of them and speak to the alien directly. That seems a little bit of a difficult prospect considering there's a very slim chance you're going to have that experience in your lifetime, although many people do. Riz is ahead of the curve, and eventually as alien disclosure continues maybe more and more people will want more communication with them and will accept this form of channeling and be able to communicate at this level peacefully. Of course I am speaking about the mass population, because there are seekers and people who come to our Channel and Gatherings who very much enjoy speaking to the aliens.

"The Friends"


"The Friends"-Alien Group Channeled by Riz Mirza Session #3

Red Eagle Ranch

Malibu CA

(Circle of Light Transcripts Book 4)

Kindle Edition

Released Recorded Private Channeling Circle with “The Friends” Aliens,

channeling by Riz Mirza

Topics include:

Multiple Entrances to The Center of the Earth, A.I Technology, Alien Moons that Highly Populated Civilizations, Channeling, Abductions and Human Transfer to other System, Telepathy, Origins of Greek Gods, Wisdom Teachers, hybrids UFO, Extraterrestrials, Frequencies, Future of technology, The Entertainment Industry, Spontaneous healing of Erica,…and more...

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Travis Walton "Fire in the Sky"

Abductee with Oriah & Riz Mirza at  Contact in the Desert 

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In our research recently we discovered an Italian Documentary that had first-hand experience with "The Friends" through many different type of channels and technology. It is called "The Friendship Case." An extraordinary Italian case of alien contact with humans, kept secret for half a century, has finally come to light.
In Pescara, in 50'/70's, a group of extraterrestrials contacted directly an unsuspected number of people.
The project was called “Friendship”. The humans were carried on their bases, even on board of UFOs.

 It is fascinating to watch.

Part 1 Surgery-My Alien Surgery (never been told before) by Oracle Oriah

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