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Please fill out form and expect to receive your automatic booking confirmation via email you signed up with. Read Riz's booking style, and terms & conditions, and refund policies before purchase so you understand Riz Mirza's House Rules.

Riz has been serving the public for over 13 years and he has earned a reputation to be able to charge what other psychics in his calaber charge, however he keeps his rates as low as he can to be able to accomidate as many people as possible. This is a service to you.

His booking style is unique to him, in which his assistant will contact you after your payment. Expect a week at least to get a date, it helps us to get you in faster, if we were to do it any other way, you would be waiting 9 months. So we hand pick our bookings based on rescheduled and cancelations. 

Be flexible because of this and sometimes you will be rescheduled as we move people around to get as many people in as possible so you do not have to wait. Many people wait 5-9 months or more and to avoid this we try our own system and it seems to work better for everyone.

Please read in full before booking.

Thank you.

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Know that Riz can refund or refuse service if he does not feel he can accomidate or help you.