Riz's Booking Style

Riz Mirza is not an ordinary psychic medium, shaman, and trance channel. In case you have ever met anyone else like him-we would love to know!
But, in case you haven't...read on.

His booking style is unique to Riz, so please read carefully to avoid any miscommunication. His assistant will book you after your payment. Expect a week at least to get a date, it helps us to get you in faster, if we were to do it any other way, you would be waiting 9 months.
So we hand pick our bookings based on rescheduled and cancelations from others to accomidate you.

Be flexible because of this and sometimes you will be rescheduled as we move people around to get as many people in as possible so no one has to wait so long. Many people wait 5-9 months or more and to avoid this we try our own system and it seems to work better for everyone.


If you are new to us, welcome and we do not mean to sound harsh, but we are avoiding miscommunications that can occur, in our experience we have found it essential you familiarize yourself with our work. So please keep reading all the way through.

Riz can only do so many readings per day plus he leads in-person healing journeys and trance channels to groups, plus he films a large volume of free and paid masterclass videos. He is a musician. 

He is also married. :)

Here are some things you also need to know, and after so many years he has to make sure you understand these unique terms that are specific to Riz so please do not compare him to others who you believe do what he does.


Riz is not new to spiritual teaching, psychic work, transformational work, mediumship, shamanism, master trance channeling, etc. His decades long spiritual work requires deep focus to be able to tune into you and collect information so he can serve you in the highest most effective way.

Because of this, how YOU operate with him is important



~ He expects you to know his terms & conditions prior to your booking as you have already agreed.

~ He asks you to be understanding and flexible, you are not shopping on Rodeo Drive, or looking for the coolest fun psychic in LA, or a psychic phone operator. This is deep, REAL spiritual work and we are not a spiritual fad and never will be.

~ Riz does not run a 100 employee healing center like the Deepak Chopra center for example but offers more than what Deepak can personally and being just one person. Be aware of this and his time, energy and work load. Many people do not realize this, and think he is their immediate conceigerge for their spiritual life. This is not Riz.

~ He keeps his rates as low as possible, if you are confused about rates and service please do your research and when you are ready to book with him, then book.

~ Clients who throw tantrums, attitude and fight his structure or system do not need to work with him so please bow out gracefully, and if Riz cannot serve you he will let you know. This is a unique business and he is not operating like a 9 to 5 commercial company.

~ If you are unfamiliar with shamans, psychic mediums or trance channels and Riz's style personally just know he takes every readings and workshop very seriously with the utmost integrity. He will explain it to you so you understand. For those who need and want this work--appriate this fact and have been his clients for years, others who are just testing him out or learning about spiritual transformation should know in advance his style is direct, authentic and very personal.


It is meant to get under the layers of your blocks in a short period of time, so you will receive potent truth and feedback with masterful dedication to your improvement and growth more than anyone you will meet. But, be prepared for this. Some people think it is confrontational or personal, it is not. He only has a short time with you and you are here to see him to help you release your blocks and fears that took you a lifetime to build. He has to help you start releasing these.

~ If you want only a psychic reading and nothing else, let him know, he will just give you his clairvoyent information. Riz operates as a full time shaman so the information he receives about you will always be apart of every reading.


Thank you.