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New Channeled Book by Riz Mirza

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In "The Echelon Speak," Riz Mirza becomes a portal, a conduit between the veiled realms of advanced consciousness and the background hum of our known world. Birthed from trance channeling sessions with The Echelon, "The Friends" as they call themselves over the course of several years, bring messages of pure energy beyond physical confines. The book is not just only wisdom, but a thunderous crack in the facade of our perceived reality.

This book, presented in a conversational Q&A format, reflects the dynamism of these profound encounters. Each question pierces the heart of our being, of our place in the cosmos as Humans. The Echelon's guidance shines a light beyond our common perspective, revealing the universe's boundless expansion and the countless life forms sharing its existence.

"The Echelon Speak" is a revolution in disguise. It is a key unlocking the hidden truths of our universe, a catalyst for spiritual growth, and a roadmap towards a more enlightened existence. So, step into the portal, reader, and prepare to see the world through the eyes of The Echelon – eyes that pierce the veil, illuminate the path, and remind us of the interconnected dance of reality that awaits.

* Blood types

* Disclosure

* Species

* Being Human

* War

* Life & Death

* Interdimensional

* Creating Planets

* Humanoid cousins

* Harmony with Species

* Societies & History

* Advanced Civilizations

* Survival

* Alien distinctions 

* Shapeshifting

* AI technology

* Love

* Fear of Reptilians

* Physical reality of species 

visiting the planet

* Galactic Federation

* Lemuria & Atlantis

* Center of the Earth

* Extracting Energy from the Sun

* Moving vehicles/Motherships larger than Jupiter

* Moon extraction

* Physical Universe/ Big Bang

* Alien Abduction (human & animal)

* Missing Persons

* Simultaneous existences

* Spiritual Teachers

* Pleiadians

* Sacred Geometry

* The Grid 

* 4th, 5th, 6th dimensions

* Super Humans

* Animal Alien DNA seeding (Noah’s Ark/intergalactic roots)

* Telepathic communication

* Evolution

* Healing Exercise demonstrated


* Free will

* Gender

* Authority 

* Channeling


‘The Friends’ state they are with the Federation.

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Dive into "Breaking Through, Channeling Seven Spirit Guides to Activate Your Conscious Awakening where seven ascended spirit guides embark on a symphony of revelations. Witness the wisdom of ascended beings as they unveil the keys to your seven chakras, mend the fractures of your past, and ignite the fire within.

Embark on a celestial voyage with seven ascended guides, and unlock the doors of your perception to a wider and deeper expansion. On November 19th, 2023, something extraordinary unfolded, a gathering of souls, embarked on a journey unlike any other. We called it, "Consciousness Unlocked: Breaking Through." For the first time, Trance Channel Riz Mirza channeled not one, not two, but seven celestial guides in a spellbinding symphony of messages for Humanity back-to-back in a live event. Brace yourselves for a symphony of revelations regarding the seven chakras, a chorus of eternal voices sharing the pathways to your own inner sanctum, and how to finally know you are God and surrender to your most magical self.

The Seven Guides:

  1. Phineas Q~ Root Chakra

  2. Caravaggio~ Sacral Chakra

  3. Merlin~ Solar Plexus Chakra

  4. Edgar Allan Poe~ Heart Chakra

  5. Goddess Ixchel~ Throat Chakra

  6. Archangel Metatron~Third Eye Chakra

  7. Red Eagle~ Crown Chakra

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