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The Circle of Light around the world and on the road! 


Psychic Medium and Trance Channel Riz Mirza has trance channeled live in front of groups of 25-40 people consecutively for over a decade delivering accurate messages while channeling to people regarding their health, soul path, mental health, career, personal growth, and any questions they may have.


Riz is considered one of the most sought-after Trance Channels and Psychic Mediums and is an author of channeled books, and has been on countless podcasts. He has been compared to Jane Roberts channeling Seth.

The Private Circle of Light is a special event that allows you to connect with a group of like-minded people and experience the power of the divine. Through meditation, channeled messages, and healing energy, the Circle of Light will help you to connect with your highest self and bring a sense of peace and joy to your life.


Our Circle of Light is held monthly at yoga studios, healing and wellness centers throughout Southern California for the rest of 2023, or can be brought to any location in the world. Join us for this special, transformative event


If you are a studio, center or wellness facility interested in hosting a private Circle of Light, please contact Erika at


In addition to public circles, we also offer private circles for groups of up to 10 people. This is an opportunity to host your own Circle for your family, friends, colleagues and personal networks in an intimate and private setting.


Private Circles are held in your location of choice for your invited guests. To inquire about private circle bookings, please email Erika at 






"I offer my clients a unique spiritual experience that combines the wisdom of both the physical and spiritual realms. I am a Trance Channel and Psychic Medium who is able to enter into a deep trance and receive messages from powerful master Spirit Guides. My main message bearer, Red Eagle, is an unforgettable loving presence who can answer your personal questions on any aspect of your life. I am passionate about helping people to find answers and navigate their life journey."



Psychic Medium and Trance Channel Riz enters into a deep trance and retreats within as master Spirit Guides speak through his body with love, wisdom and powerful piercing insight. His main message bearer, Red Eagle an unforgettable loving presence, answers your personal questions on any aspect of your life.


It helps our guests feel their creations, and co-creations with others to a higher degree, helps people feel not only more enlightened but helps them heal faster, find more peace in their decisions and overall propels people into deeper healing work for themselves or pushes them into a higher plane of existence.

There will also be an energy healing activation to close the gathering. You will feel a profound feeling of peace about the future. Riz is known as one of the only full trance channel-shamans known to publically channel personal individual messages including mediumship messages. He has also channeled a record 5 hours, giving messages in trance.


Riz Mirza has trance-channeled numerous Spirit Guides who healed people in over 2500 live weekly channeled gatherings called the Circle of Light, with over 8,000 hrs of recorded sessions. Channeling over 100 different Spirit Guides, in front of a live audience. He's considered a master trance channel. A one-of-a-kind event.

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