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Advanced Manifestation & Creation Class

oracle oriah

How to create the life you always dreamed of

How to create your dreams

to absolutely come true

An Advanced Course focused on 

Creation in your Physical and Non-Physical Reality.

When you first hear about the possibilities of your dreams coming true, you think there may be steps you have to take to think differently, and maybe even be convinced whether I, Oriah your wisdom teacher, may have accomplished that task for myself or not.

This course is about distinctions. I believe that we are Creation Beings, we all come from form and learn how to form through thoughts, wishes, dreams, visions, desires and creating outcomes. The issue I have seen over and over and have seen in my own studies is that most people cannot distinguish between the physical and nonphysical realities when they are creating. You are probably thinking, how could that be?

It is so obvious when a creation is created only in your head, or dreamscape reality and the other is in the tangible, and the oh-so-very-real reality of the touch and feel world. You would be surprised how many people cannot tell the difference. Most of the 'untangling' I do is to help people decipher why their mental or cerebral dream casting, day-dreaming, and even co-creation with other people are not manifesting here in the physical. They are disappointed, dismayed and alarmed. On the other hand, people are confused in HOW they manifested a real-life creation here in the physical reality when they did not want to do it, or certainly not the way it occurred. Welcome to Reality Creation.
This class is an advanced course and will only really be useful when you are at the stage of development where you are open to the idea that fantasies can become reality, and dreams become real and you can disappear the walls of your perceived physical reality so you can be in your creative play. You will be aware of creating in your non-physical world and have fun creating it in your Real Life but it seems like it's a dream and it's not real. You will be creating in two different realities; The physical and Non-Physical consciously.

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