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Red Eagle Speaks, A Book of Wisdom offers powerful insights and flexible, clear and practical life teachings. Psychic Medium Riz Mirza has a rare gift of being able to receive communication from a being called Chief Red Eagle, who lived more than a century ago.

This book was dictated word for word by Red Eagle through Riz and told to Oriah Miller over a series of 13 nights. Oriah documented this collection of spiritual guidance and compiled it into this book. Red Eagle’s message is one of self transformation and evolution. The chapters give insight into the ego, shifting perspective, and overcoming fear while awakening the love within all of humanity. Red Eagle’s language is simple, provocative and easy to understand by all no matter what “level” of spirituality they are on.

This book in the New Age genre is 150 pages and 13 chapters. It is available in soft cover and ebook. Red Eagle Speaks is compared to books Ask and It is Given, by Esther & Jerry Hicks, Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz, and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

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Red Eagle Book Testimonials

“I am stunned by the perception and love with which Red Eagle approached me during the group session.  No one knows what he knew about me in an instant of flashing eyes.   I am planning to follow up on his brilliant suggestions. “

Kenyon Taylor, RCSTr

Natural Medical Intuitive

Ojai, CA

I have only just been introduced to Red Eagle this past 2 weeks. There are no words that can describe the growth I have had in 2 weeks. I have been working on me for years. I do not feel like I am the same inside. Red Eagle brings his messages with nothing else but pure love. I feel more clarity, and more understanding of how I have been doing my life all these years. I have some issues with my mom and last week I had a beautiful conversation with her. I actually spoke my truth and Red Eagle has brought this to my attention. We all try to hide our hurts and things that we do not want to look at but when we look at all the hurts and bring them into the open we can than start to LIVE the life we all want. I am on the path of healing my relationship with my mom. I wish I could hang out with Red Eagle everyday but if I close my eyes and listen to my heart and listen to my intuition I know he is always with me. Thank you Red Eagle for showing me how to live.

Sandra Zislis

Beauty Industry

San Jose, CA

The power and energy I felt from Red Eagle when he spoke to me was one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever had. The information was very accurate and got me focused on an issue that I had been suppressing. He saw right into my soul and said exactly what I needed to hear. I’m excited that there will be a book from Red Eagle that will be filled with his life messages and words of wisdom. I’m ready to move my life to a whole new level. I know his words and his intention to support our evolution will help me do that. Thank you Riz for being willing to bring Red Eagle’s messages to the world! Much love to you both!

Pamala Oslie

Santa Barbara, CA

Psychic Consultant, Author, Radio Show Host

and Founder of

This book is wonderful.  Each time I have had the privilege of hearing Red Eagle speak, he has touched something deep inside of me.  My heart swells, my eyes water and I feel truly loved.  Riz is the real deal and Red Eagle lifts you up to a higher dimension of pure love.  As if that were not enough, his wonderful sense of humor will keep you in stitches.  Love, Laughter and Truth…what else could one want?”

Lisa J. Ensign

Angelic Intuitive and Healer

Yucca Valley, Ca.

In this super-fast society in which we live – everyone seems to be longing for “instant gratification” -ALWAYS with the base-intention that they will FEEL BETTER as a result of “getting what they want”…the faster the better – but it’s STILL about HOW they feel. We all judge virtually EVERYTHING in our lives based on “how it will make us feel”. Well, when it comes to Red Eagle’s wise insights and advice, whether in a live-channeling or in print, all I can tell you is that Red Eagle’s words always make me FEEL BETTER; because his words ALWAYS resonate in my Heart, where it COUNTS, where you “KNOW”, versus “just believe” that important truths are now feeding a craving in your Soul that you could never really quite explain. Just like the Sly & the Family Stone hit- song of the late 1960′s – Red Eagle’s Divine Intent is ALWAYS – simply – “I Want to Take you Higher” … and he DOES so – with GREAT skill. I know this – because, I can FEEL IT !

Dennis Strahl

Goldfield, NV/ Palm Desert, CA.

Commercial Metals-Mines Developer

I have had the pleasure of hearing Red Eagle speak on a number of occasions and every time I am struck with the feeling that I am hearing the voice of an old and very wise friend.  I feel a bit as if the earth speaks through him with humility, directness and piercing honesty. Red Eagle speaks with ancient knowing, humor and an open heart which makes his insights wise and earthy and quite helpful in practical and imaginative ways to those he addresses.

Leigh J. McCloskey

artist, actor, author and visual philosopher

Founder of Olandar Foundation for Emerging Renaissance (OFFER)

& Olandar Press

Red Eagle is a really funny man who loves to get his point across with humor.  He always relates current situations with a reference to his time on earth. He can easily connect with people very quickly and provides you with an accurate assessment of your abilities and what you stand for which earns his credibility within seconds. Red Eagle has provided me with validity to my current life transitional challenges and has confirmed my passions and integrity. I am excited that he is willing to share his messages with the rest of the world and give anyone a chance to open their minds to the universal teachings of a true legend and Native American Chief with this book; I will definitely read it with a desire to apply it to my life.

Chris Thompson

Young Entrepreneur with an MBA, Palm Springs, CA

I have been on a rollercoaster of a journey…seeing myself clearly….following the treasure map to get to the treasure…The message that he gave me helped me to let go of any remnants of doubt that I was having about the vision I see for myself….the story I have been writing…” He could SEE me…I felt the love, comfort, and truth in his words… I am grateful for the opportunity in meeting him.

Lisa Luera


San Pedro, CA

Red Eagle is more than wise he is compassionate, he gently presents profound insights into our personal lives while often using humor to lighten the load of our collective human experience.

Scott Wells
Actor, Writer, Filmmaker

Santa Monica, CA

One of many favorite quotes from Red Eagle, “There is only Love….keep to your path, don’t be so hard on yourself, do what you love….live with passion and take care of your body.”

Zie Ramirez
Huntington Beach, CA, Retail for Disney

Painting of Chief Red Eagle

Honestly, I find the readings of Red Eagle S0 profound I’m in awe of the readings thus far…It has touched upon the depths of my S0UL.

Vivian Fabian

Registered Nurse

Los Angeles CA

Riz is the light. There isn’t any doubt about that whatsoever. One of the very first things he said to me in our test reading and interview – before I said one word – is that a situation I was concerned about was being taken care of and all was in process. And…it was all resolved within the next few days actually. Two or three minutes with Riz doesn’t quite do justice to his gifts. Even though he’s completely capable of answering your questions very quickly and to the point, this reading is one that you’ll want to spend some time on and with. You will want to savor it. You sort of hang up the phone with not only a whole different outlook and lots of information, but also with a whole different vibration. I should mention as well for those that may be wondering, he has no foreign accent whatsoever and is very easy to understand.

Dyan Garris

Voice of the Angels Psychic Network

Sedona, AZ

I was impressed by what Red Eagle had to say and his mannerism, he is such a joker, he likes a good laugh and he really hits the point of what you need to hear, I have seen him countless times and have brought numerous friends to experience his wisdom and Love. It’s been a Real Genuine pleasure to have seen Red Eagle and know Riz who with so much grace allows him to speak through him.

Therese Clinton, Entertainment Entrepreneur

I Am still feeling the energy from your Circle of Light in Sherman Oaks last night…..I feel profoundly touched….what came through for me….every single word of it gave me so much clarity into my life and my own spirit. This was my first time ever hearing my Spirit Guides speak to me in this direct way through Red Eagle…and along with the clarity from them, he showed so much compassion and love for me and my life…it made me want to cry…sitting in Red Eagle’s presence I felt translucent…even when I didn’t ask one question, he even brought it to my attention something I was not bringing up. It left me with such a deep feeling of relief from some answers, and others brought me a deep soul level assurance for my life and what I Am here to do. Thank you for being who you are that you allow this Divine work to happen through you. My Soul feels FREE today…with a huge expansion in my heart…AND I honestly have never thought about archangels before….but this morning…somehow I was very aware of Metatron…who I had never heard of before at all. I Am so excited for MORE!

Ava Violette Laurel

Sherman Oaks , CA

“What you channeled was STRONG MEDICINE a bit bitter tasting at first! My life has improved because of your information and I have been doing what Red Eagle told me; to meditate and write.”

Napoleon Reyes

Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you Oriah! I loved experiencing the Circle of Light last Sunday at Yoga Soup… I will definitely be coming back to the next one.. I was actually very nervous and kind of afraid because I did not know what to expect.. Red Eagle was not scary or intimidating in the least, his kindness, wisdom and love radiated through Riz like beams of sunshine.. It was strange because normally I can’t see auras, but when Red Eagle spoke through Riz, I could see light around his head. I think next time when I converse with Red Eagle I need to be a bit more talkative, I felt a bit shy and didn’t ask the questions I needed to ask, although the advice he gave me was still very helpful. I am going to prepare some questions I would like to ask him next time.

Today I was reading some of the excerpts you posted from the book and I was comforted and inspired. Had a really stressful day at work and reading those excerpts reminded me of my purpose and of the purpose of life.. so thank you! I will definitely love to have a copy of the book”

Peri Aran

Santa Barbara, CA

Forthcoming books:


Magical You-Next Book!

“Magical You” by Merlin
Merlin, The Master Wizard, is a legendary figure whose energy and wisdom has been channeled beautifully by Riz over the years around the world. In this book, Merlin takes you on a journey to discover your truly magical, creative essence and how to renew your connection to The Universe.

Helen Speaks -How to See and Hear” – Riz channels Helen Keller giving messages on communicating with love and clarity and rising higher. As told to Oriah Miller.

“The Twin Flame Union-A Book of Love”- Riz Mirza and his fiancée Oriah Miller explains the powerful relationship called Twin Flames  and how it goes beyond “soul mates. How to attract this type of relationship, what to do once your involved  and how it changes your life.

Red Eagle Listens” Chief Red Eagle returns with a book of questions fielded by the readers and answers in his inimitable fashion. Channeled by Riz as told to Oriah.

“The Circle of Light” By Oriah Miller has documented hundreds of hours of Red Eagle’s Circle of Light talks. Highlighting the best stories and teachings over the years, the book is filled with insight into life and on the behind the scenes story of the psychic world.